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We are a plastic recycling company with head offices in Landau / Pfalz, Germany.

Our company, which was founded in India in1968, has, from its beginning, been in the business of re-granulation of film and plastics.

1996 saw the successful founding of our company in Germany where since 2004 we have been located in Landau/Pfalz.

We re-granulate unmixed hard plastics and films, which is returned as raw material to the market. Our granulate plant has a capacity of up to 800 kg/h.

In addition to numerous domestic customers, we currently export our products to over 25 European and non-European countries.

This dictates an ever growing need to source plastics for recycling.

Currently we process the following materials:
PA-6, PA-6.6, PC, ABS, PC + ABS, PP, PP/EPDEM, HD-PE, LD-PE, PBT+PC and PS+PE in extrusion, injection moulding, film and blown form.

Also our need for polystyrene and film for the production of granulate is ever growing.

To this end, we purchase all film types, such as pure PE, PP and laminated films, printed or unprinted, in rolls or in bales.

All varieties of seconds, production rejects, etc., as well as paper, in particular decorative paper and wood-free paper.

We take polystyrene (Styrofoam) in all forms.